How to dress for a ballet audition

How to dress for a ballet audition

You have waited so long, prepared for many months, and finally the time has come: the long-awaited ballet audition.
Now, however, the question arises, “What will I have to wear?”
Let’s see how I can help you, starting with a fundamental element and that is the leotard:

a) If you feel really fit and comfortable, I recommend choosing a flesh-colored or otherwise light-colored leotard. This trick will help you visually attract attention and make your body lines stand out. Here are some examples of models on our site to which I refer:

  • Marta a long-sleeved leotard with a wide neckline at the back to highlight the back
  • Capri if you need a bodysuit with suspenders but with an eye-catching and unconventional pattern
  • Sophie if you love pink and are in a romantic mood
  • Odile as original as the Capri and also ideal for a possible variation of contemporary
  • Cloud if you love shades of light gray
  • Gilda and Nada for a “total nude” effect

If the regulations allow the skirt to be worn as well, it is always preferable to use one that matches the leotard possibly made of mesh if you prefer some transparency. Two particularly suitable models may be Tiss, at mid-thigh height, and Anya, at above-knee length and therefore suitable for slimmer physiques.

b) If, on the other hand, you prefer to use a dark-hued leotard then my advice is to try to catch the jury’s attention by choosing a particular pattern in shapes, fabrics and color combinations:

  • Praia or Letizia if you love long-sleeve leotards
  • Aura if a change in contemporary is also planned
  • Virna or Natalie if you’re looking for a stylish leotard

To complete your outfit, I would of course recommend powder pink tights and canvas half-tips.

Good audition!


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