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Training Diary – Dance Lessons

Training Diary – Dance Lessons

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How to dress for a ballet audition

How to dress for a ballet audition

You have waited so long, prepared for many months, and finally the time has come: the long-awaited ballet audition. Now, however, the question arises, "What will I have to wear?" Let's see how I can help you, starting with a fundamental element and that is the leotard: a) If you...
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How to dress for ballet class

How to dress for ballet class

How to dress for ballet class How to dress for ballet class? Today we will talk about appropriate attire for a ballet class.... In ballet, although it may seem obvious to specify, the basic training kit includes three basic elements: leotard, tights, and half-tips. My leotard: Cotton or Lycra? The...
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IRENE CORRENTI DANZA – Dancewear Producer & Seller

Passion Made in Italy

Irene Correnti Danza is the Made In Italy brand that since 2007 produces and sells technical clothing for: classical ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, ballroom dancing and Latin American dance, rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, twirling, hip-hop dance.
All dance clothing items are exclusively of our in-house production and are conceived by considering the expert feedback of main national and European theatres’ professional dancers. 
Special discounts are reserved for dance schools dance-school teachers and students, sports associations and specialised dance outfit retailers.

Our Catalog

We specialise in the sartorial production of:
Classical dance leotards for adults and children.
Modern dance suits and unitards.
Rhythmic gymnastics leotards and artistic gymnastics leotards.
Hip-Hop suits easy to personalise and wear for dance auditions, competitions and performances.
Dresses and clothing for Latin dance and ballroom dance.
Dancewear for warm up such as cross cardigan, leg warmers, warm up suits.

Irene Correnti Danza also provides a wide range of dance complements and accessories.
Our brand offers:
Soft Shoes in canvas or leather fabric, pointe shoes, microfiber tights for classical and modern dance.
Ballroom and Latin-American dance shoes for women and men.
Jazz shoes and sneakers for modern and contemporary dance.
Rhythmic gymnastics shoes in chamois leather for twirling and acrobatic gymnastics.

Ballet Costume and customization

We offer a rich ballet costume catalogue designed for dance essays and dance shows.
We are also able to design and customize costumes and dresses for classical ballet and modern dance performances.
We present a wide range of professional costumes and professional tutus for professionals and students of academic courses.
These costumes are particularly suitable for auditions and performances of classical repertoire ballets.
We also make dresses for Latin American dance and ballroom performances and competitions.
We can enrich ballroom and latin dance dresses with the addition of cups and rhinestone applications.
We develop competition dresses for rhythmic gymnastics and artistic gymnastics performances and competitions based on the customer’s needs.
We complete the wide range of our proposals also with a wide selection of costumes offers available in all sizes.

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