About Us

About Us: Dressing dance with elegance and professionalism

When I gave up dancing I thought I would pursue a professional career trying to pass on
my knowledge, my experience and even my emotions, which is maybe a bit unusual for
a former ballerina.
Creating a range of dance products, for all kinds of dance, has become the goal that my
staff and I pursue with the same perseverance, tenacity and enthusiasm with which I
approached my career as a professional dancer.
Every dancer knows that the quality of their performance is down to their
self-confidence which installs them with a drive to improve, perfecting everything down
to the smallest detail.
This is the spirit with which the various items of the Irene Correnti Danza collection are
made and year by year improved. This is the message I would like to put out to all those
who choose us to assist them in that unique and perhaps indescribable experience that
characterizes life on the stage.
Irene Correnti Danza is able to provide retailers, dance schools and teachers of
high-end technical solutions, both in the Basicwear (dancewear, leotards, footwear,
accessories) and in Costume design, by delivering personalized and quality garments.
The Show line provides the customer with a rich showcase of pageants, shows and
competitions made over the years, along with the opportunity to get specialized advice
aimed at creating customized solutions for patterns, fabrics and colors. Each item of
clothing is realized accordingly to the real needs and demands of the customer.


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