Which costume to choose for Kitri’s variation of Act I.

Which costume to choose for Kitri’s variation of Act I.

Are you wondering which costume to choose to dance the variation of Kitry 1st act and you haven’t decided yet?
Here are some suggestions that might be right for you:

-Generally in this variation, a dress with a wide, mid-calf-length skirt is used, preferably with flounces so that it looks more voluminous when you jump.
– Add if you can: flowers, fringe, lace, which will create volume and body and are in keeping with the character to be played.
– You can play with color contrasts to look more striking on stage such as a yellow and black combination
You can opt for the classic red and black colors reminiscent of Spain.
– If you feel more romantic and prefer muted colors then surely peach color with floral but delicate hues is definitely the choice for you.
– Choose a bodice with awide neckline, emphasizing the shoulders and cleavage.
– Complete your outfit with a beautiful rose hairstyle to put in your hair gathered in a bun et voila!

Below to help you choose we offer some costumes that match the characteristics listed above and are already used by many dancers participating in international competitions such as YAGP. To view them just click on the description:

Kitri yellow and black costume

Kitri costume Spain style

Kitri flower girl style costume





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