How to dress for the Kitri variation Act III

How to dress for the Kitri variation Act III

In this article I will tell you about how to dress for the variation of Kitri Act III in the ballet Don Quixote.
Compared to the variation of Act I in this painting Dulcinea’s marriage to Basil is celebrated and the variation is danced in tutus.
This is definitely the most elegant picture and everyone is dressed up, so the sequins and glitter cannot be missed.
The classic colors of this costume are red and black.
Sometimes light colors such as cream or white are chosen and gold, red or black applications are added for contrast.
Don’t forget to add details reminiscent of Spain: red roses, lace, lace.
You can also enhance the dress with a flamenco shawl to tie around your waist, as long as it is small and elegant!
Below are some models of Kitri tutus on our site that can surely help you in your choice:

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