How to dress for modern dance class

How to dress for modern dance class

How to dress for modern dance class?

Compared to ballet , modern dance is apparently subject to fewer rules regarding studio attire.
In fact, teachers generally tend to give more freedom of choice to their students.

This approach leads many female students to believe that for warm-up and standard training, the optimal solution is to use t-shirts and sweatpants.
Instead, we can say that there are also more technical solutions for this discipline that guarantee higher standards of training.

More comfortable or tighter fitting?

In choosing on how to dress for modern dance class, one can in fact choose between two solutions.
Opt for a tighter fit that allows teachers to better technically correct pupils’ movement.
Or prefer a softer uniform that still has suitable technical requirements and at the same time has an aesthetic impact on the final movement.
The tightest uniform consists of a short-sleeved leotards e culottes for warmer seasons or long-sleeved bodysuits and from tights for modern dance For the colder months.
There is also the option of opting for the use of a tight-fitting academic suit.
The more comfortable uniform , aimed especially at more advanced courses, instead involves using a soft, long-sleeved shirt or tank top and short but slightly loose-fitting shorts such as a runner or Bermuda shorts.
Using this second solution has the added advantage that the suit can also be used for performances and competitions throughout the academic year.

What to wear on the feet?

For modern dance exercise depending on your needs, you can put on lifesavers, jazz shoes or sneakers.
The lifesavers fit and a choreography with softer movements related to neoclassical or contemporary dance.
Jazz shoes are preferred for modern dance choreography or video dance.
The shoes sneakers low or high with a split sole are preferred for hip hop or break dance choreography.
Modern dance today has increasing contaminations of contemporary dance, modern-video and hip hop.
Therefore, it is advisable for advanced course students to possess all three models presented to better suit various choreographic needs.

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