How to prepare ballet pointe tips

How to prepare ballet pointe tips

How to prepare the tips

Purchasing ballet tips is an exciting time for any young dancer.
One practical lesson that all the dancers had to learn with a hint of disappointment is that pointe shoes cannot be fitted immediately.
Indeed, tip preparation is a ritual that is as fascinating as it is indispensable for them to be used in training or during the show.

Basic Preparation

First of all, we need to make sure that we have everything we need:

Sewing needle

Sewing thread white, ivory or powder color

2 Elastics 2.5 cm wide * 40 cm long

2 Ribbons of powder-colored Nylon

1 pair of sewing scissors

1 Pencil

– As a first step, it is necessary to place the two toes side by side and distinguish which is the right shoe and which is the left, following the suggestions given in our previous post.

– Once the tips are distinct take the needle and thread and prepare them for sewing.

– Fold the satin heel of the toes back toward the insole to form a triangle.

– The corners at the base of the triangle thus obtained represent where we will need to sew the elastic since that is the correct distance from the heel.

– Use a pencil to mark this point in the inner sides of each tip.

– Sew the elastic into the inner part of the shoe being careful to sew only the inner toe lining so that the stitches of the seam do not show on the outside and thus avoiding an ugly aesthetic effect.

– Take the nylon ribbon and place it next to the elastic in the direction of the toe of the shoe after which sew it onto the ribbon by making small stitches on the three outer sides of the ribbon.

After sewing one point repeat all the steps on the other point as well.

Interesting facts about tip preparation

To avoid slipping on the parquet floor, it can be helpful to use the Greek pitch on the soles and toes of the pointe shoe.
Greek pitch can also be used on the inside back of the shoe to prevent it from slipping off.

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